Threat Vulnerability Management

Threat & Vulnerability Management allows organizations to continuously identify, assess, classify, remediate, and mitigate security weaknesses together with fully understanding root cause analysis to address potential flaws in policy process.

How Cyvatar Secures You

A Threat & Vulnerability Management subscription includes:

A CIS 20 Critical Controls interview will be conducted with your staff to identify gaps in your overall security posture.

A Cyvatar Solution Outcome Advisor works with your team to install and configure a vulnerability scanner as well as the patch management system.

Cyvatar will conduct continuous vulnerability scanning (including AWS, Azure, GCP) of all internal and external IPs.

Cyvatar will conduct Port Zero continuous vulnerability scanning of all TCP and UDP 65535 ports open to the internet.

Cyvatar will review the risks identified and work closely with your staff to remediate the prioritized list. A patching agent will be installed on appropriate systems and a patching schedule will be set up in line with your change control process.

Through weekly status meetings, we’ll keep you to maintain the remediated status. Monthly report cards will demonstrate the current security status.

In the event that a breach is found, the subscription includes 10 hours of incident response and forensic services.

Threat & Vulnerability Management Gives You

Prevent cybersecurity breaches

Ongoing patching of network assets

Continuous scanning to detect and fix critical vulnerabilities

Eliminates the need for dedicated resources to deploy and manage

Applicable CIS Controls

Technology Partners

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