An Incident Response Retainer allows you to establish terms and conditions for incident response services before an incident occurs. We’ve partnered with two legal firms to provide attorney-client privilege as part of our solution affording your organization to protect both written and oral information related to an incident.

How Cyvatar Secures You

An Incident Response Retainer subscription includes:

Assistance with incident response including investigative support and direction, malware/forensic/log analysis, remediation planning and assistance, regular status reporting and project management related activities, executive reporting and presentations associated with findings and recommendations.

Forensic Investigation which may include determining the investigation scope, creating an investigative plan, forensic acquisition of electronic data, adherence to chain-of-custody procedures, data analysis and executive reporting and presentations associated with findings and recommendations.

Malware analysis and reverse engineering which include behavioral, static, and dynamic analysis.

Cyvatar will assist in maintaining that remediated status as well as provide monthly executive reporting of your cloud security health.

Purchase in bundles of hours.

We take incident response to a new level by ensuring your organization is protected by attorney client privilege.

An Incident Response Retainer Gives You

Enable faster and more effective response to incidents

Prepare for the legal and financial fallout of an incident

Establish attorney client privilege

Quickly identify malicious activity

Applicable CIS Controls

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Compliance & Policy Management

Continuous Security Validation

Multi-Factor Authentication Management

Secure Endpoint Management

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