Managed Security Awareness & Training

Continuous, engaging, and unique cybersecurity awareness and training for businesses.

Compliance regulations require you to keep your team up to date with regular security awareness and training. But when you only offer annual training, what are your employees really learning?

One-time training — even completed annually — doesn’t affect real cultural change for your organization’s security efforts.

The solution to keeping cybersecurity top of mind for employees is embedding continuous and relevant training in the right places at the right time.

Using videos, emails, and posters is just the start. Using Cyvatar’s Managed Security Awareness & Training, users learn through actions and increase both awareness and knowledge over time with real time training, actionable metrics based on training, and customized education based on your company’s unique culture. What’s more is security and awareness training is managed for you, so you won’t need to worry about a thing.

Manage your security awareness and training to not only be compliant, but to build your organization’s security from the inside out.

Are You Effectively Managing Security Awareness & Training?

Security-related risks are reduced by 70% when businesses invest in cybersecurity training and awareness.*

*Source: Aberdeen Group & Wombat Security Technologies

Ready to reduce your organization’s cybersecurity risk? Give your team continuous, engaging content with security awareness and training from Cyvatar’s managed cybersecurity solution

You Need a Digitized Solution for a Digital Age

The Old Age

Security awareness and training was completed one time annually by your team. Throughout the presentation, their eyes glazed over and they quickly forgot all the cybersecurity information they just learned.

After all, the content was uninspired and employees simply had to remember the information long enough to complete and pass a short quiz at the end of the training.

Is your security and awareness training uninspired ? ›

The Cyvatar Age

With the right time, right place solution, your organization will get the required security training and be tested with real-life simulations.

Continuous security awareness and training that is also engaging and unique ensures your team is well prepared for a cyber attack or phishing scam. It also maintains your compliance as well as gives your company reporting to monitor awareness and training progress.

Learn how Cyvatar provides the most secure solution with cybersecurity for your cloud-based assets ›

Your Security Awareness & Training Problem

Your current program is tired, forgettable, and doesn’t affect real change with your cybersecurity efforts.

In short, the program is ineffective at teaching your team anything valuable and a waste of time for your bottom line.

Your security awareness and training is lackluster at best and isn’t helping your organization become any more secure.

Your Cyvatar Solution

A security awareness and training partner who understands how to reach your employees at the right time and in the right way will ultimately improve your cybersecurity efforts.

By implementing continuous security awareness and training, your team will receive focused education on less mature security areas, provide awareness reporting, and affect cybersecurity cultural change in your organization. 

Forget the posters that employees pass by and ignore every day; we’ll implement creative and unique internal training to catch attention and interest. You’ll get all that and more with Cyvatar’s Managed Security Awareness & Training Subscription.

Your Cyvatar Solution
People. Process. Technology.

People. Process. Technology.

When you work with Cyvatar, you get cybersecurity-as-a-service with more robust people, process, and technology than you get anywhere else.

That means not only best-of-breed technology, but the best people to put it in place and the right process to keep your cybersecurity solution running smoothly.

Cyvatar encompasses people, process, and technology in one incredible package.

Cyvatar’s ICARM Methodology

  1. Installation
    The solution is implemented and installed.
  2. Configuration
    The technology is configured properly.
  3. Assessment
    An assessment is performed to identify risks.
  4. Remediation
    Remediation of the risks that were identified is performed.
  5. Maintenance
    Continuous maintenance and monitoring with monthly exclusive reporting. Repeat.
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