Top-tier security professionals provide consulting hours on the management of an organization’s information security strategy. Our Virtual CISOs have spent years in the industry and have a wealth of experience with a wide variety of security scenarios. Our vCISOs use a business and outcome-based approach. We teach vCISOs how to tie into the whole package into one solution. Other competitive vCISO solutions don’t have a methodology or clear outcomes.

We partner with your existing vCISO or actual CISO to make them successful. We don’t have to be the lead – and prefer to be the avatar behind you making you look great. It’s not about us, it’s about you and your business outcomes being achieved.

How Cyvatar Secures You

A Virtual CISO subscription includes:

A CIS 20 Critical Controls interview will be conducted with your staff to identify gaps in your overall security posture.

Strategic guidance and leadership to new or existing security teams and CISOs.

Board-level representation, guidance, and advice.

Executive support in the build-out and design of security functions, organizational design and operating models.

Purchased in bundled hours.

A Virtual CISO Gives You

Shores up cybersecurity expertise

Improve overall security strategy and effectiveness

Assistance with executive consumable reporting of security program value

Expert advisory advice to setup and lead strategic security initiatives

Applicable CIS Controls

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