Cyvatar unveils a ‘transformative way’ of re-thinking the $130 billion cyber security space

For years, the cybersecurity industry has been presenting problems without solutions. Cyvatar has changed the narrative. Cyvatar’s cybersecurity venture is picking up customers across the globe […]

Securing Your Austin Startup with Cyvatar

As the industry’s first subscription-based cybersecurity-as-a-service company, Cyvatar makes protecting your business easy. It’s a common misconception among startups and small-to-medium-size businesses (SMBs) that threat actors […]

How Netflix is Saving Cybersecurity

In case you missed it, we’re losing the battle against hacks and breaches. Even though more security tools come online every year, personal information and other […]

Taking vCISO to New Heights with CySO | The Cyvatar Platform

By Stephanie Simpson, VP of Platform Management  In my last blog, I introduced the platform’s new executive dashboard for cybersecurity, designed to deliver important and valuable […]

The Battle of Security vs. Compliance: Why Compliance Should Be a Byproduct of Your Security Strategy

The motivation behind protecting personally identifiable information (PII) is often one of complying with legal and regulatory requirements as opposed to a security concern. For many […]

Meet Your Solution for Executive-Level Cybersecurity Insights | The Cyvatar Platform

By Stephanie Simpson, Director of Product Management In my last blog, I introduced the Cyvatar platform as your operating system (O/S) for cybersecurity, providing access to […]

Your Healthcare Product Is Awesome—But is it Secure?


Introducing the Cyvatar Platform | Your O/S for Cybersecurity

By Stephanie Simpson, Director of Product Management Managing all of your cybersecurity solutions can be complex. While finding trusted vendors out of 4,500 options is painful, […]

Don’t Zuck! Be a Data Privacy Champion for Your Business | Cyvatar x Curricula Webinar

To help raise awareness about the importance of safeguarding data, Cyvatar has partnered with Curricula for a webinar on Jan. 28, 2021, broadcasting live at 1 […]
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