Continuous Security Validation allows an organization to test the effectiveness of its security controls and tools in preventing specific attack vectors. It enables organizations to achieve optimal cybersecurity performance by validating the effectiveness of people, processes and technology through ongoing assessment, optimization and rationalization.

How Cyvatar Secures You

A Continuous Security Validation subscription includes:

A CIS 20 Critical Controls interview will be conducted with your staff to identify gaps in your overall security posture.

A Cyvatar Solution Outcome Advisor works with your team to install and configure the CSV solution into your environment.

A breach and attack simulation against the MITRE ATT&CK platform is performed in order to uncover gaps in defenses and ensure current security controls, personnel and related processes are resilient and performing to expectations.

Cyvatar will review the gaps and recommendations identified through the assessment and work with your team to develop a remediation plan and schedule.

Through weekly status meetings, we’ll keep you updated through the remediation of any gaps and risks found.

Once all gaps are remediated, Cyvatar will perform ongoing testing to validate any gaps remain closed as well as assist in maintaining that status.

Monthly executive reporting helps security leaders to communicate the effectiveness and value of the solution to your board.

In the event that a breach is found, the subscription includes 10 hours of incident response and forensic services.

Continuous Security Validation Gives You

Quantifies your current security posture to validate or test assumptions

Provides real-time reporting to enable data-driven decisions

Enables you to baseline and consistently improve your security posture

Gives immediate feedback on how your tools respond to threats

Applicable CIS Controls

Technology Partners

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