Threat & Vulnerability Management (TVM) for Your Business

Continuously identify and remediate vulnerabilities
across your organization
Is your internal, external, and cloud infrastructure susceptible to attacks?
Do you have the expertise, ability, and bandwidth to remediate vulnerabilities if you had to?
Are you relying on penetration testing alone to remain secure?
Is your organization dedicating the time to scan daily for vulnerabilities, administer missing patches, and continuously remediate; all while ensuring your penetration testing and compliance needs are met?

Your Network is Under Continuous Attack

You need continuous monitoring, scanning, and remediating; not to mention penetration testing and meeting compliance requirements.

Assessing and remediating vulnerabilities present in your network can detract focus from your growing business and can be time consuming for your team to manage.

What if you could offload the complete threat and vulnerability lifecycle? Imagine what you could do with the extra time!

Are You at Risk of a Breach?

Managing vulnerabilities in-house is rarely done comprehensively, exposing you to attacks. To ensure remediation is occurring consistently will only detract your valuable resources and time from what’s really important.

That’s why it’s time to work with a partner who can take care of both identifying and remediating your risks continuously. Then, you can get back to focusing on your business.

You Need a Digitized Solution for a Digital Age

The Old Age

Task Estimated Time
Evaluate vulnerability scanners and purchase  Several months
Set up and compare internal/external environments Several months
Random scanning and assessing Several weeks
Determine critical risk priorities Several weeks 
Remediation: patching and annual review Sporadically
Patch management Sporadically
Complete pen test Several months

Are your threats being identified, but not remediated? ›

The Digital Age

Purchase a threat and vulnerability membership that takes care of this entire process for you, and be set up in less than a week.

Time estimate: CyValue means you will get from Installation to Remediation in 90 days or less.

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Your Threat & Vulnerability Problem

Digital assets change constantly.
Are you on top of the change?

If your company is like most, you’re responsible for a threat and vulnerability cycle that not only takes months to complete, but rarely ends in remediation. Or you’re paying a company to identify threats, but at the end of the day, you’re the one responsible for remediating them.

You’re also responsible for a process that could take upwards of a year:

  • Choosing scanning tools
  • Installing software
  • Configuring software
  • Scanning continuously
  • Patching continuously
  • Project managing remediation
  • Remediating any new threats

You don’t have the time or energy to deal with ongoing threat and vulnerability management, penetration testing, patching, and remediation.

Your Cyvatar Solution

Here’s the awesome news: we’ve effectively solved the threat and vulnerability management conundrum.

With Cyvatar’s Threat & Vulnerability Management Subscription, we’ll handle the entire threat and vulnerability cycle for you: from installation to remediation.

People. Process. Technology.

When you work with Cyvatar, you get cybersecurity-as-a-service with more robust people, process, and technology than you get anywhere else.

That means not only best-of-breed technology, but the best people to put it in place and the right process to keep your cybersecurity solution running smoothly.

Cyvatar encompasses people, process, and technology in one awesome package.

Cyvatar’s ICARM Methodology

1. Installation
The solution is implemented and installed.

2. Configuration
The technology is configured properly.

3. Assessment
An assessment is performed to identify risks.

4. Remediation
Remediation of the risks that were identified is performed.

5. Maintenance
Continuous maintenance and monitoring with monthly exclusive reporting. Repeat.

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