CXO Cyber Council

Working together to find solutions to real world problems.

to the Family

Cyvatar was built on the foundation of being open, transparent, and honest with our customers. When you choose Cyvatar, we invite you to become part of our Cyvatar CXO Cyber Council. It was built for "our family" to work together to drive improvements in security strategy and to provide feedback to Cyvatar. You are important to us and we're invested in your success.

The Mission

The Cyvatar CXO Cyber Council was created to server the rapidly evolving cybersecurity industry by allowing us to work TOGETHER to build a community of like-minded individuals. The mission of the Council is to:

  • Provide input and feedback into the solutions that Cyvatar offers
  • Challenge this community to find solutions for your real-world-problems
  • Share success stories of what has worked for your organization so others may also reap the benefits
  • Become a repository of information and education as to the latest security innovations
  • Identify improvements in the process
  • Help you communicate the value of your chosen solution to your board of directors

    We Don't Leave You Hanging

    When you purchase a Cyvatar subscription, we make sure:


    Your technical staff is trained on the new technology

    Full Transparency

    You are granted full access to the solution to change, modify, and manage it

    Strong Collaboration

    We become an extension of your team so we can collaborate together

    Maintenance Achieved

    You receive a certificate of completion once training and remediation is complete

    We Deliver Outcomes

    Circa Las Vegas

    Thurs. Aug 5th

    Cybersecurity Reunion Pool Party at BlackHat 2021