Multifactor Authentication Management (MFA) for Your Business

Multi-layered secure user management

Are you keeping your organizational assets as secure as possible?

Most of your digital assets are now public facing. That means anyone can potentially gain access to them at any time.

Without much trouble, hackers can easily access your employees’ accounts and infiltrate your intellectual property.

How can you best secure your employees and users?

Require multifactor authentication.

A multi-layered security approach ensures a user’s identity is verified using multiple credentials, not just a simple username and password.

Multifactor authentication credentials fall into any of these three categories:

  1. Something you know (like a password or PIN)
  2. Something you have (like a phone or smart card)
  3. Something you are (like a fingerprint)

Are You Effectively Managing Multifactor Authentication?

How big of an impact can multifactor authentication have on your cybersecurity efforts?

Don’t wait: implement Cyvatar’s managed MFA solution.

You Need a Digitized Solution for a Digital Age

The Old Age

A simple username and password was all you needed when logging into any and all assets.

Are usernames and passwords all you require of your users? ›

The Digital Age

Since so many assets are now public facing, a username coupled with even the most secure password simply isn’t enough.

A multi-layered security approach requires multiple credentials from users, including something they know (like a password or PIN), something they have (like a phone or smart card), or something they are (like a fingerprint). Multiple factors provide a far deeper level of cybersecurity protection for your data.

Learn how Cyvatar provides the most secure solution with multifactor authentication management. ›

Your Multifactor Authentication Problem

Your users don’t have to authenticate themselves with multiple credentials.
As a result, you’re seeing far more security breaches than you should.

You don’t have a seamless and effective strategy for implementing multifactor authentication, nor the means to manage it successfully. Cyvatar’s managed MFA solution secures your workforce without compromising operations and productivity.

Your Cyvatar Solution

Observability and visibility were nearly impossible with SaaS
cloud-based applications; let alone remediation

Until now.

Bridge the gap and gain the cloud visibility your organization needs to stay secure with Cyvatar’s Managed MFA Subscription. There’s no longer a need to utilize SaaS applications in the dark with proactive ongoing remediation.

Your Cyvatar Solution
People. Process. Technology.

People. Process. Technology.

When you work with Cyvatar, you get cybersecurity-as-a-service with more robust people, process, and technology than you get anywhere else.

That means not only best-of-breed technology, but the best people to put it in place and the right process to keep your cybersecurity solution running smoothly.

Cyvatar encompasses people, process, and technology in one incredible package.

Cyvatar’s ICARM Methodology

  1. Installation
    The solution is implemented and installed.
  2. Configuration
    The technology is configured properly.
  3. Assessment
    An assessment is performed to identify risks.
  4. Remediation
    Remediation of the risks that were identified is performed.
  5. Maintenance
    Continuous maintenance and monitoring with monthly exclusive reporting. Repeat.
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