Giving back, one cybersecurity initiative at a time

It’s our mission to make cybersecurity available to all businesses.

Make Your Business
Look Good.

Running a business and delighting customers is already a big job; we’re here to take cybersecurity off your plate. With CySO services, we’ve made it easier than ever to keep your business secure.

Make Cybersecurity Accessible Every Business.

With a freemium membership, every business can get access to free cybersecurity with the Cyvatar Platform.

Make a Difference.

We’re taking bold steps to make a big difference in our community by making even more businesses secure. Every month we give away free cybersecurity service to a deserving company. Learn more below!

What is CyLove?

At Cyvatar, it’s part of our mission to democratize cybersecurity and make it available to all businesses.

To make that mission a reality, we give away 6 months of free cybersecurity services every
to a company who is working hard to make a big difference in the world.

What Do You Get With The Cylove Giveaway?

With the CyLove Giveaway, you get 6 months of free cybersecurity with the Cyvatar Platform, including:

Virtual CISO team to help and advise your company
Threat + vulnerability management services
Reduce cybersecurity risks

Free Cybersecurity Giveaway Members

Nominate Your Company (Or Another Company)
For A Chance To Win Free Cybersecurity

Recent Cylove Giveaway Winners

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Thurs. Aug 5th

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