At Cyvatar, we recognize the critical role non-profits play in fostering societal progress. However, these organizations are often underserved in terms of cybersecurity, making them vulnerable to attacks that can severely disrupt their mission. Our Be the Change Initiative is dedicated to securing these essential entities, allowing them to continue driving positive change without interruption.

Understanding the unique challenges non-profits face, Cyvatar offers a special 10% discount exclusively for non-profit organizations. This initiative is designed to help non-profits safeguard their operations affordably, so more resources can be directed towards their impactful work.

Cyvatar’s cybersecurity solutions are specifically tailored to address the most pressing threats facing non-profits today: ransomware and phishing attacks. These threats can critically impact a non-profit’s cash flow and operations. Our services include Threat Vulnerability Management, Secure Endpoint Management, Cloud SaaS Security Management, and more—all designed to provide robust protection tailored to the needs of non-profits.

Current State of Cybersecurity in Nonprofits

Despite the crucial nature of their work, a staggering 68% of nonprofits lack documented cybersecurity procedures and policies for responding to breaches. The consequences of data breaches can be catastrophic, especially for NGOs working in sensitive or critical areas where breaches could endanger lives. Recent studies and incidents have shown that cybersecurity breaches can have severe financial and reputational impacts on non-profits.

Join the Movement

Become part of a growing community of non-profits that recognize the importance of proactive cybersecurity. By protecting your organization, you not only safeguard your data but also ensure the continuity and integrity of your mission.

Together, let’s harness the power of

secure technology

to be the change we want to see in the world.

Create a safer, more secure future for all by scheduling time with our Founder & CEO, Corey White,

to nominate your non-profit and discover more about our initiative.

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