Securing Your Austin Startup with Cyvatar

Securing Your Austin Startup with Cyvatar

  Cyvatar | 07/19/2021

As the industry’s first subscription-based cybersecurity-as-a-service company, Cyvatar makes protecting your business easy.

It’s a common misconception among startups and small-to-medium-size businesses (SMBs) that threat actors are more likely to attack a large organization, but in fact recent research finds the gap between the two nearly indistinguishable when it comes to the number of successful breaches perpetrated against them. SMBs experienced 281 more hacks last year than larger organizations, although slightly fewer breaches against SMBs included confirmed data loss when compared to larger targets.

Threats against SMBs are more evenly split between internal and external bad actors, but financial gain is the greatest motivation for any attack, regardless of organizational size or type of actor. And if you’re wondering why that matters, just take a look at the rise in ransomware attacks and the multibillion-dollar industry that has sprung from their successful execution.

“We’ve seen activity in the security space explode from the raft of ransomware, email compromise, phishing attacks, and other threats,” said Chris Shonk, partner at Austin’s ATX Venture Partners. “People are growing more aware of the problem, but startups and SMBs remain at risk while we search for comprehensive solutions.”

The growth in hybrid and remote workers, coupled with the use of unsecured and unpatched BYOD hardware, have increased overall security risk for startups and SMBs and underscored the need for on-demand cybersecurity resources. Startups in particular rarely have budget for the human talent, best practices, or state-of-the-art technology required for true cyber protection and resilience, nor do they typically have the staff or expertise to evaluate the thousands of available solutions to find the ones that best meet their needs.

Enter Cyvatar and cybersecurity-as-a-service (CSaaS).

CSaaS offers security in a box for organizations of any size and any level of cybersecurity expertise, making it the ideal solution to protect sensitive and confidential data at startups and SMBs throughout Austin. Cyvatar, the industry’s first subscription-based CSaaS company, is transforming the way cyber solutions are built, sold, and supported, with an approach rooted in proprietary ICARM (installation, configuration, assessment, remediation, maintenance) methodology—all at a fixed monthly price.

Think of it as Netflix for cybersecurity: A single transaction unlocks an entire security strategy that SMBs can customize based on their business and security goals. With CSaaS, security becomes as effortless as turning on the lights without any fluctuation in monthly bills. It’s accessible, affordable, and available in Austin. And, because it’s a subscription, members can cancel any time.

Cyvatar keeps small businesses and the customers they serve safe from the deleterious effects of cyber-attacks by addressing vulnerabilities across systems, networks, and apps in real- or near-real-time and keeping those vulnerabilities remediated so that startups stay in a solved state over time, all the time.

“The onus on tech startups to be able to demonstrate that they have their security ducks in a row is something that is really important today,” says Kevin Stambaugh, vice president of engineering at Austin-based NoviLabs, an area startup that builds oil and gas forecasting software. “Keeping up with changing compliance requirements across many industries and communicating that ability to customers on an ongoing basis is almost a full-time job in itself,” Stambaugh continued, “and we still need regular pen-testing, continuous monitoring, and ongoing threat and vulnerability management. CSaaS makes all of that possible for us at a fixed monthly rate. There are no hidden costs, no surprises, and our security posture is stronger across the board.”

Instead of the large investments and long-term contractual agreements required for the ownership of security software and tools, CSaaS combines proven processes and the people and technology to make security work in any startup environment.

Begin your cybersecurity journey with a free 30-day trial from Cyvatar.

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