IT Asset Management

Mastering Digital Asset Security Through Comprehensive Management

Understanding and managing the breadth of digital assets within an organization is a foundational step towards robust cybersecurity. However, many companies overlook the critical process of taking a comprehensive inventory of their digital assets, which range far beyond laptops to include applications, data sources, business units, cloud instances, and operational infrastructure. Cyvatar’s IT Asset Management solution is designed to bridge this gap, offering a systematic approach to inventory, manage, and secure your organization’s digital assets continuously.

Key Features

  • Agentless Deployment: Our solution is implemented without the need for agents, simplifying installation, configuration, assessment, and maintenance while minimizing impact on your digital environment.
  • Comprehensive Asset Discovery and Inventory: We provide a thorough discovery and inventory of all digital assets, ensuring every piece of your digital landscape is accounted for and protected.
  • Identification of Security Gaps: Our solution identifies devices with missing or malfunctioning agents, unmanaged devices, and rogue devices on privileged networks, pinpointing security vulnerabilities.
  • Endpoint Security Gap Analysis: We analyze your endpoints to identify and address security gaps, ensuring comprehensive protection across all devices.
  • Unified Asset Inventory Reports: Receive detailed reports that unify asset inventory and device classification, providing a clear overview of your organization’s digital assets.
  • CMDB Reconciliation: Our Configuration Management Database (CMDB) reconciliation process ensures that all assets are accurately recorded and managed within your organizational systems.
  • Continuous Remediation: We proactively remediate any identified gaps and risks, maintaining the integrity and security of your digital assets.
  • Monthly Executive Reporting: Stay informed with monthly reports detailing asset management activities, security insights, and recommendations for ongoing improvement.

Why Choose Cyvatar’s IT Asset Management?

  • Complete Visibility: Gain unparalleled visibility into your digital assets, enabling proactive management and security of your entire digital landscape.
  • Dynamic Asset Management: Our solution adapts to the rapidly changing digital environment, ensuring that your asset management strategy remains effective and up-to-date.
  • Enhanced Security Posture: By identifying and addressing vulnerabilities across your digital assets, we enhance your overall security posture, reducing the risk of cyber threats.
  • Expert Support and Maintenance: Benefit from Cyvatar’s expertise in cybersecurity asset management, with continuous support and maintenance to keep your digital assets secure.

Secure Your Digital Assets with Cyvatar

In the digital age, the security and management of IT assets are more critical than ever. Cyvatar’s IT Asset Management solution provides the tools and expertise necessary to inventory, manage, and secure your digital assets effectively, ensuring that nothing is overlooked. With our comprehensive approach to IT asset management, you can rest assured that your digital landscape is fully accounted for and protected.

Discover how Cyvatar can help you gain control over your digital assets and enhance your cybersecurity posture. Contact us today to learn more about our IT Asset Management solution.

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