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Experience Value First, Not More Costs

At Cyvatar, we’ve reshaped the cybersecurity landscape. Gone are the days when small and medium-sized businesses had to pay just to learn about their vulnerabilities. We believe it’s absurd to charge for identifying security gaps—instead, we focus on solving and continuously managing these vulnerabilities. That’s where true value lies, and that’s the future of cybersecurity.

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Unlock Premium Cybersecurity, Risk-Free

With Cyvatar’s Freemium model, we’re breaking down the barriers to effective cybersecurity:

  1. RiskRecon Rating
    Leveraging cutting-edge analytics powered by Mastercard, RiskRecon Rating provides an analysis of your external security posture, highlighting vulnerabilities — without any cost.
  2. Cybersecurity Self-Assessment
    Take control with our comprehensive tool that allows you to conduct in-depth internal assessments of your cybersecurity measures, empowering a proactive security stance.
  3. Cybersecurity Policies
    Gain access to a library of customizable policy templates designed to establish and strengthen your cybersecurity protocols, tailored specifically for your business needs.
  4. External Scanning
    Our external scanning services assess your network and systems from an outsider’s perspective, identifying potential threats before they can be exploited, all at no charge.

Why Choose Cyvatar?

With Cyvatar, you’re not just choosing a service; you’re partnering with pioneers in cybersecurity. Our Freemium offerings are strategically designed to provide immediate value, paving the way for a secure and resilient future for your business. Stop paying to learn about problems. Start fixing them.

Join us and redefine what you expect from your cybersecurity provider.

With Cyvatar, your safety and satisfaction aren’t just priorities—they’re guarantees.

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