Cybersecurity Policies

Streamline Your Cybersecurity with Ready-to-Use, Customizable Policy Templates

Why continue paying for cybersecurity policies when the future of streamlined security compliance is here at Cyvatar? Access our comprehensive suite of 34 ready-to-implement policy templates, each pre-customized with your company’s name. These templates are designed to ensure compliance with industry standards and foster a secure organizational culture, all at no cost to you under our freemium model.

Tailored for Immediate Implementation

Our policy templates offer immediate benefits by streamlining the complex process of establishing and maintaining robust cybersecurity measures. They are crafted to help you enforce rigorous, up-to-date security protocols tailored to your business needs.

List of Available Policies

Here is a clear, structured view of all the cybersecurity policy templates we offer:

CategoryPolicy Name
General Security PoliciesAcceptable Use Policy
Anti-Virus and Malware Policy
Asset Management Policy
Change Management Policy
Code of Ethics Policy
Corporate Policy Program
Data Management PoliciesData Access and Password Policy
Data Back-up Policy
Data Classification Policy
Data Retention Policy
Encryption Policy
Facility and HR PoliciesFacility Security Policy
HR Corrective Action Procedure
Human Resource Security Policy
Risk and Incident ManagementInformation Security Committee Policy
Information Security Risk Assessment Policy
Security Incident Response Policy
Compliance and LegalInterconnection Agreement Policy
Privacy Policy – External
Privacy Policy – Internal
Service Provider Security Policy
Technical and System PoliciesLogging and Monitoring Policy
Perimeter Security and Administration Policy
Software Development Policy
System Configuration Policy
Vulnerability Identification and System Updates Policy
Telecommuting PoliciesTelecommuting Assignment
Telecommuting Policy
Telecommuting Self-Certification Safety Checklist
Policy ManagementPolicy or Standard Exception Request Form
Policy or Standard Exception Request Procedure
Policy or Standard Variance Request Form
Policy or Standard Variance Request Procedure

Why Choose Cyvatar?

Choosing Cyvatar means you’re partnering with a leader in cybersecurity innovation. Our freemium offerings are not just about saving costs; they’re about empowering your organization with the tools and knowledge to protect itself effectively. Join us and step into the future of cybersecurity, where your protection is guaranteed and compliance is simplified.

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