RiskRecon Rating

Discover Your Cybersecurity Blind Spots

Many small and medium-sized businesses operate without a clear understanding of their cybersecurity risks, which can hinder their growth and expose them to unnecessary dangers. The RiskRecon Rating, powered by sophisticated analytics from Mastercard, provides a comprehensive evaluation of your organization’s security posture.

Why Remain Unaware When You Can Be Prepared?

Being blind to your risk rating is a significant problem because:

  • Insurance Decisions: Insurance companies evaluate your cybersecurity to determine eligibility for cyber insurance. Poor ratings could lead to disqualification, policy cancellations, or higher premiums.
  • Business Opportunities: Major corporations and private equity firms rely on these ratings for third-party risk management. A low score could prevent partnerships with global companies, affect investment opportunities, and restrict your business growth.

What Are The Benefits?

With RiskRecon, you gain essential insights into your cybersecurity stance, enabling effective resource allocation and strategic planning to fortify your defenses against potential threats. This not only enhances your overall security measures but also positions your business as a trustworthy partner in the eyes of insurers and potential investors.

RiskRecon Categories Scanned:

  1. Software Patching: Assessment of systems for end-of-life and vulnerable software, including application servers, OpenSSL, CMS, and web servers.
  2. Application Security: Evaluates web applications for security practices, including CMS authentication, HTTP security headers, external threat intelligence, system encryption, and malicious code detection.
  3. Web Encryption: Analyzes web encryption configurations to ensure secure communications and system authenticity.
  4. Network Filtering: Identifies risks in network services and IoT devices that could compromise system security.
  5. Breach Events: Summarizes past breach events to indicate existing gaps in your breach prevention program.
  6. System Reputation: Monitors systems involved with malicious activities such as command and control servers, botnets, and phishing.
  7. Email Security: Assesses the security configurations of email services to protect against unauthorized access and spoofing.
  8. DNS Security: Reviews controls to prevent unauthorized domain record modifications, crucial for avoiding domain hijacking.
  9. System Hosting: Provides insights into the company’s internet attack surface, including system hosting fragmentation and shared IP address usage.

Why Choose Cyvatar?

Choosing Cyvatar means opting for a partner that not only reveals your vulnerabilities but helps you address them effectively. Our freemium model allows you to get visibility into your risk rating today and grow your business with confidence.

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