External Scanning

Stay Ahead of Threats with Proactive, No-Cost, External Scanning

In a world where cyber threats evolve daily, deprioritizing your cybersecurity is no longer an option. According to Mitre, nearly 29,000 new vulnerabilities were discovered in 2023 alone — that’s about 80 per day. With Cyvatar’s external scanning services, you can detect and address these vulnerabilities before they pose a risk to your business, and you can do it without spending a dime.

Why Pay for What Should Be a Standard?

The days of paying for external scanning are over. Join over 900 SMBs who trust Cyvatar to safeguard their networks and systems at no cost.

Benefits of Cyvatar’s External Scanning:

  • Multiple Domains: Add and manage multiple domains under a single, streamlined service.
  • Scheduled Scans: Set scan times that work for your business to ensure continuous protection without disrupting your operations.
  • Visibility of Exposure: See and understand your external vulnerabilities to better protect against potential breaches.

Vulnerability scanning is a proactive measure that identifies and mitigates security weaknesses in your systems, networks, and applications. By addressing these vulnerabilities early, you can prevent security breaches, data loss, financial damage, and reputational harm.

Why Choose Cyvatar?

Choosing Cyvatar means you’re opting for a partner who prioritizes your cybersecurity without charging you for the essentials. Our freemium offerings, including our comprehensive external scanning services, are designed to deliver immediate value and continuous protection. With Cyvatar, you ensure a secure, resilient future for your business at no initial cost.

Experience the New Standard in Cybersecurity

Don’t just react to threats—prevent them with Cyvatar. Join us and step into a future where your safety and satisfaction are guaranteed, and where advanced cybersecurity tools like our external scanning service are accessible to all businesses without the barrier of cost.

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