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  • If we had to source, set, up, and manage these solutions on our own, it would have cost me more in time and resourses - and delayed our SOC2 compliance by months. They walked us through every phase and we had daily status checks to see what worked and what didn’t. They were invested in our success.  A true partner.
    Al Valerio, CISO, Virtualitics

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The Cyvatar Approach

We tried putting ourselves in our customers' shoes and asked the question, how do we fix this? We looked at the best of what everyone is doing - service companies, MSSPs, resellers, technology providers - and we combined them together to give our customers outcome-based solutions. So instead of trying to find and retain a qualified FTE who is experienced in the latest security technologies, what if Cyvatar managed that for you and gave you an outcome?

Service Provider MSSP / Reseller Cyvatar
Protection from cyberattacks
Identifies weaknesses in architecture
Detects and remediates risk
Compliance management
Crisis / incident response
Cyber best practices training
Hands-on technology training
Subscriptions based
Security expertise
Threat hunting with SOAR capabilities
Monitoring of advanced threats
Automated vulnerability management
All-encompassing customer support
Executive level outcome reporting
vCISO consultations
License management
Technology deployment & implementation
100% transparency into solution
Best-in-class intelligence
Solutions map to CIS Controls Framework
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Award Winning

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