Effortless Cybersecurity.

Automated & fully managed cybersecurity services for startups and small to medium-sized enterprises.

Cyvatar is the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective solution to get your business cyber-secure.

All-inclusive & Fully Managed Cybersecurity.

Get access to Cyvatar’s security expertise, proven solutions, and services to prevent ransomware & cyber attacks.

Quick & Cost-Effective Security for Startups & SMBs.

Cyvatar bundles all your needs for fully managed security into

an all-inclusive monthly subscription that you can cancel anytime.


Our team works with you to
identify your security gaps and
build you a strategy.


Then we implement your strategy and solutions, getting your business to A++ security in 90 days or less. (AKA no vulnerabilities or risks, yay!)

Continuous Resolution

Our job is never done. Our team is continuously ensuring your business is free of vulnerabilities. Hello, cybersecurity confidence!

Trusted by Market Leaders for Managed Security Services.

(just to name a few!)




The Cyvatar Platform

Your Operating System for Cybersecurity.

All of your cybersecurity solutions are managed in a single pane of glass — all you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch our CydeKicks work their magic!

Executive Dashboard

    See your entire cybersecurity strategy &
    results in the Executive Dashboard

Issue Manager

    See vulnerabilities being resolved and view tasks in the Issue Manager

Security & Compliance Journey

    Stay in the know and follow your compliance roadmap with the Security & Compliance Journey

CIS 20 Assessment

    Our DIY or DIT CIS Assessment populates your custom Cyvatar compliance score and delivers opportunities for you to improve your cybersecurity


Get secure now, not later.

Talk to a cybersecurity expert and see the Cyvatar Platform in action.


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