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Breaking the Rules

Most people are afraid to break the rules. Others believe it is the only way to make things happen. We're not talking about doing it randomly, but with purpose. Breaking the rules that limit you. Look at the cybersecurity industry - you've got your technology providers, your VARs, your MSSPs. And then there's the endless calls from sales reps promising you everything under the sun to solve your problems. You buy the latest and greatest - and in the end, is your security getting better?

Start a Fire on Purpose

We've all realized that the "technology will save us from this mess" is oversold. We have to decide if we're part of the problem or part of the solution. So here at Cyvatar, we're raising the rebel flag and taking rule-breaking to a new level. We're tired of witnessing companies not being offered what they need - RESULTS.

You and Us - Together

We have the same mission - to beat the bad guys. So, why not work together? To provide security solutions that are properly integrated into your environment, to give you measurable results that you can take to your board of directors, and to give you business results and value. So, come on an adventure with us to find the best solutions on the market, to build valuable results, and to take power over cybercriminals.


  • If we had to source, set up, and manage these solutions on our own, it would have cost me more in time and resources – and delayed our SOC2 compliance by months. They walked us through every phase and we had daily status checks to see what worked and what didn’t. They were invested in our success. A true partner.
    Al Valerio, Head of IT & Cybersecurity - Virtualitics
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Doing Something Different

We tried putting ourselves in our customers' shoes and asked the question, how do we fix this? We looked at the best of what everyone is doing - service companies, MSSPs, resellers, technology providers - and we combined them together to give our customers outcome-based solutions. So instead of trying to find and retain a qualified FTE who is experienced in the latest security technologies, what if Cyvatar managed that for you and gave you an outcome?

Service ProviderMSSP / ResellerCyvatar
Protection from cyberattacks
Identifies weaknesses in architecture
Detects and remediates risk
Compliance management
Crisis / incident response
Cyber best practices training
Hands-on technology training
Subscriptions based
Security expertise
Threat hunting with SOAR capabilities
Monitoring of advanced threats
Automated vulnerability management
All-encompassing customer support
Executive level outcome reporting
vCISO consultations
License management
Techology deployment & implementation
100% transparency into solution
Best-in-class intelligence
Solutions map to CIS Controls Framework
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Cyvatar Love

Your current IT providers understand technology, and that's great! But do they take the time to see your vision and offer measurable technical solutions to help you reach your business goals? Cyvatar does! We want to see your business thrive and succeed. We're here for you when it's inconvenient - early mornings, late evenings and weekends. We don't leave you guessing as to where things stand. If you're not in love with your IT security provider, start to look elsewhere - look to Cyvatar love!

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