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Why Subscriptions?

A subscription service economy is the new normal - from food and transportation to music and entertainment. Consumers don't want to own things; they want choices and flexibility. This has forced a shift in the technology industry - XaaS (anything as a service). Cyvatar now offers you Cybersecurity as a Service. Products and services TOGETHER as a "complete" solution. One that gives you outcomes.

How Our Subscriptions Work

Cyvatar makes the process more simple by doing the work for you - no need for extra staff. We've carefully re-imagined the entire process and have bundled together our subscription solutions to include the technology with the installation, configuration, assessment, remediation, maintenance and monthly outcome reporting (ICARM).

You identify the base solution, choose any applicable add-ons like incident response retainers or virtual CISO services, add it to your shopping cart and voila, your customized solution is ready to purchase - complete with MSA and SOW. We can have your solutions up and running in less time than a traditional POC.

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