cybersecurity trends 2022

Top Cybersecurity Trends in Fintech to Watch in 2022

How concerned are you about your organization’s Financial Cybersecurity? $2.9 million is being stolen every minute by cybercriminals according to a Forbes article. A VMWare survey […]
understanding ach transfers

How long does an ACH transfer take? | Understanding ACH transfer

Per National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA), as many as 27 billion transactions worth USD 62 trillion occurred in 2020. This was a jump of 11% […]

Threat, Vulnerability, Risk | Understanding the difference

At first look, threat, vulnerability sound one and the same. And many startups and SMBs make the mistake of chalking them up to be. With the […]
cybersecurity for startups in 2022

18 ways CISOs, CTOs and Co-founders can secure their startups in 2022

Startups are a prized lot. Venture capitalists and Angel Investors are always scouting for new startups to invest in. Businesses are seeking to acquire them for […]

Don’t Cancel Your Holiday Plans because of CVE-2021-44228 Log4Shell in log4j

Last week, a zero-day vulnerability hit the media causing a race between the good guys and the bad guys. Log4shell is a zero-day vulnerability that exploits […]

10 Ways Data Science Fuels Fintech Revolution In 2022

Data is the most profound source of credible decision-making. Data can never go wrong. Hence, the implementation of the data-based decision is going to set your […]

CIS logs: CIS control 8 (Audit Log Management)

If there is one inescapable fact that all organizations need to face in the changed circumstances, post-pandemic, it is this: putting in place a robust cyber […]

What is the weakest link in cybersecurity? [Still in 2022]

People Are the Weakest Link in the Cybersecurity Chain More and more cybersecurity professionals and CISOs across industries are waking up to an ugly reality: that […]

Introduction to SP 800 30

The NIST SP 800 30 provides guidance for conducting risk assessments of information systems and organizations. It further amplifies the guidance in SP 800-39. The NIST […]
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