Meet Your Solution for Executive-Level Cybersecurity Insights | The Cyvatar Platform

Meet Your Solution for Executive-Level Cybersecurity Insights | The Cyvatar Platform

  Cyvatar | 05/05/2021

By Stephanie Simpson, Director of Product Management

In my last blog, I introduced the Cyvatar platform as your operating system (O/S) for cybersecurity, providing access to security issues and insights from a single pane of glass. I also recommended logging in to the platform frequently because our team launches new features and updates regularly. 

Today, I’m pleased to share that our new executive dashboard is already live in the platform! In case you haven’t logged in yet to see it–or you are not yet a member—I’m going to dive into what this new experience means for you and your business. 

If you’re familiar with cybersecurity metrics and dashboards, then you’re probably used to seeing a ton of operational numbers but few metrics that executives care about—such as factors that map to business value and ROI. The newest enhancements to the Cyvatar executive dashboard are designed to deliver important and valuable cybersecurity business insights that matter to you and your execs.

New tool: DIY or DIT CIS Assessment

A full CIS assessment tool is now available in the platform for you to do it yourself (DIY) or do it together (DIT)  with a CySO to help you complete it.  The assessment populates your custom Cyvatar compliance score and delivers opportunities for you to improve your cybersecurity in the executive dashboard.  I am an introvert and prefer to fill out forms on my own, however, I have attended many sessions with our founders who have done assessments with members, and the value you get from 30 mins with either of them is priceless. Your choice!

New Executive Dashboard Section | Compliance Journey

On your new executive dashboard, you can see the results of your CIS assessment and the score distribution. Each control that falls below an “A” grade is mapped to a Cyvatar solution(s) that can improve your score.

Upon taking your first assessment, your results get logged and displayed in your dashboard.  As you move along your cybersecurity journey with Cyvatar, your compliance results will improve because you have implemented the recommended solutions.  Yay!

You can always flip back and forth between the first assessment and the most recent assessment taken to view your improvements.  You can also flip to your other assessments (for example, HIPAA) from the same views–great visuals and insights to share with your executive team. 

New Executive Dashboard Section | CydeKick Results

Cyvatar CydeKicks can help you use your insights to really make an impact.  When you are assigned a CydeKick team, you can monitor their efforts and results in one dashboard that provides a measurement of the work that your CydeKick team does to get you and keep you in a continuously remediated state.   

Cyvatar’s proprietary CyValue score is expressed as a percentage that measures where you are in the process of reaching a maintained, remediated state. It includes weighted variables for hosts, criticality of vulnerabilities and patches, and time since kickoff. The goal is to get you to 95% CyValue in 90 days. Each solution has a separate CyValue score since they have different parameters to measure, and different start times.  

One question I hear from members often is, “How does Cyvatar show value continuously, and how do I justify the cost once we get to CyValue?” My answer: Maintaining CyValue is an ongoing effort! Your CyValue score is maintained by your CydeKicks constantly checking and remediating for you. The activity report shows all the activities that CydeKicks and your team have completed on the platform over the last week, month, and quarter.

Now I’ll show you what that means.    

We count the number of times an issue has moved in status, assignment, or the addition of notes.  When you add this data across all issues for each of your solutions, we show you all the activity that happens behind the scenes to keep your membership in a solved state. We also include average time-to-solve, open issues compared to previous weeks, total critical / high issues compared to previous weeks, and all open issues by criticality—all important data to share with your executive team! 

I’ll let you in on a little secret.  Our CydeKicks are measured by KPIs that map to your data, your goals.  We are continuously looking for ways to improve how we can serve you better!

Finally, if you don’t want to click into the issue manager, we provide you a view of all the issues assigned to you in order of priority.  And if you want to watch the work happen, there is an activity feed that shows you what’s happening in real time.

See for yourself: These capabilities are available in the Cyvatar platform now. 

Like I said, we release when ready and are constantly updating and enhancing the platform. Don’t wait to join! Become a member today below to see what you’re missing.

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