Introducing the Cyvatar Platform | Your O/S for Cybersecurity

Introducing the Cyvatar Platform | Your O/S for Cybersecurity

  Cyvatar | 02/26/2021

By Stephanie Simpson, Director of Product Management

Managing all of your cybersecurity solutions can be complex. While finding trusted vendors out of 4,500 options is painful, once you can find the diamonds in the rough you still need to hire a security practitioner to manage each platform, identify all issues, and solve any problems that arise. Yikes!

Many industries already have tools to manage and track issues and workflows using a single pane of glass, such as Jira for agile development and Asana for project management, so why hasn’t cybersecurity caught up? Companies are forced to hire an entire internal security team that often costs them millions—often only large, enterprise-level businesses can afford to do it, leaving the rest to of us fend for ourselves.

How can a small or medium-sized business manage their cybersecurity tools and strategy in an efficient and cost-effective way?

The answer is simple: Become a Cyvatar member. Cyvatar members get access to a first-of-its-kind, all-in one platform that centralizes their ENTIRE cyber program–from conception and strategy to implementation and remediation.

In fact, all three pillars of cybersecurity are centralized on the Cyvatar platform:

a) PEOPLE: Our expert advisors are ‘your very own security team’. Our Cydekicks are there for you every step of the way, whether you already have solutions in place or need a one-stop cyber-shop for all your security needs. Unlike other providers, we fix the stuff as well as find it.

b) PROCESS: Our proprietary ICARM methodology—which covers installation, configuration, assessment, remediation, and maintenance—underpins your cyber strategy and guides you on your security journey

c) TECHNOLOGY: Cyvatar offers only proven, best-of-breed solutions that are battle tested and approved. On top of that, our one-of-a-kind platform pulls all the components together in to a seamless and integrated experience for our members.

Regardless of where you are in your security journey, the Cyvatar platform gives you a single pane of glass into your entire solution stack, as well as out of the box workflows and processes that are fully managed by your dedicated Cydekicks.

The ‘WHY’ behind the Cyvatar platform came from every security conversation we’ve ever had, at conferences, in boardrooms, and with customers: How do we centralize security; show true ROI; and get to a confident, solved state without the astronomical costs associated with the current models?

Our ingenious platform draws inspiration from some of the most successful B2B and B2C on-demand platforms like Netflix, StitchFix, Jira, and Asana to run your entire cybersecurity program–soup to nuts.

Everything from security tools, issues management, to risk mitigation is covered. Cyvatar members get true insight into how and when their security solutions are working to drive cybersecurity confidence for their business.

Put simply, we’re your Operating System (OS) for Cybersecurity. With a Cyvatar membership you can:

  • Gain transparency to all your managed and unmanaged issues from any cybersecurity tool in an easy-to-use interface that takes an issue from unassigned > to do > in process > resolved.
  • Focus on issues that require the most attention by sorting and filtering all managed and unmanaged issues by ID, name, criticality, status, assigned to, last action, created on, assigned to, and so on.
  • Show your organization how your cybersecurity efforts have paid off with executive-level analytics, rising compliance and risk grades, time to remediation, and return on investment calculations.
  • Have us manage all your security needs and let our Cydekicks handle whatever cyber challenges come your way. Kick back and watch while they remediate your vulnerabilities and provide CyValue in 90 days or fewer with transparency into every action they perform.

How Can I Get Started on the Cyvatar Platform?

1. Select the Best Membership for Your Business. Do you need Cyvatar to manage your entire cyber strategy, or do you want to test the waters with a freemium plan? Membership pricing is easy to understand, and if you have questions, you can always talk to us! We’re here for you.

2. Create Your Account. Everyone gets free access! All Cyvatar members enjoy free access to the Cyvatar platform, regardless of membership level. Registration is quick and easy and comes with built-in multifactor authentication.

3. Customize Your Dashboard. Your dashboard will be the first thing you see at login. We recommend that new members complete a cyber checkup and the ROI calculator to start their journey. Once you complete those steps, Cyvatar will build a security journey unique to your business needs.

4. Get Familiar with Your Issues Manager. The next thing you will want to do is look at your issues dashboard and learn how to use the filtering and sorting features. If you are a freemium member, you will be able to play with “dummy” issues until your first external vulnerability scan is complete.

5. Create New Issues for Yourself – maybe one that says “Hire Cyvatar to manage and remediate my issues for me!”😊

Next steps…

When you’re ready to purchase a managed solution from Cyvatar, you’ll spend most of your time in the executive dashboard, giving you clear and concise insight into your security environment from the moment you log in!

With Cyvatar Cydekicks remediating your issues, you can sit back and watch your numbers improve. In the rare occasion that our Cydekicks need you to do something, you will be alerted directly in your dashboard.

We Made It Easy and 100% Free to Get on the Cyvatar Platform  

Your Cyvatar membership gives you access to our comprehensive platform, transparency to all your managed and unmanaged issues, analytics to show your cybersecurity efforts have paid off, and the ability to allow Cydekicks to manage your ongoing cybersecurity needs. Cyvatar membership—including access to our all-in-one amazing platform—is 100% free to start.  

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