Experience Democratizing Cybersecurity in 2022 | CSaaS Holds the Key

Experience Democratizing Cybersecurity in 2022 | CSaaS Holds the Key

  Cyvatar | 02/05/2022

Existing cybersecurity vendors favor the big fish, aka large enterprises that have all the resources, budget, and willingness to work with multiple products that need integration and orchestration.

However, the “one-size-fits-all” approach doesn’t cater to startups and small and medium-sized organizations that have limited budgets, resources, and time. On top of that, every SMB is different and they have different security and compliance requirements.

Luckily, there is a new way to make cybersecurity accessible for startups and SMBs. Cybersecurity as a Service (CSaaS) gives you the unprecedented power to customize and yet afford cybersecurity services for businesses of any size. We will learn more about it shortly.

What are the challenges posing the existing cybersecurity model?

The one-size-fits-all is probably the only size available that is too robust to fit most organizations. Therefore, organizations try to bring cybersecurity in-house, or just ignore it all together. Neither option is efficient or productive.

Many organizations just make investments and buy a plethora of tools only to keep them on the shelf and never utilize them, while the rest can’t afford such expensive tools and people to manage them.

The existing model poses the following challenges:

  • Technology Costs about purchasing tools for security management
  • People Costs in the form of security management; security incident response team, security & infrastructure engineers, and cybersecurity analysts
  • Business Costs such as legal, maintenance, recruitment, and operational costs
  • Assessment Costs such as discovery, consultancy, pen testing, and GAP analysis

Broadly speaking, there are 2 major cybersecurity challenges facing the SMB industry today:

  1. Purchasing expensive security software tools they hardly need all features of

    We have already seen above that buying a large one-size-fits-all software is such a painful and inefficient way of cybersecurity for SMBs.

    Hence, scouting for a more flexible and affordable solution is the need of the hour.
  1. Recruiting cybersecurity experts full-time

    The gap of the cybersecurity workforce has been reported to be over 4 million. This is a big void of qualified security experts who save businesses and their data.

This is more painful for small and midsize businesses where recruiting cyber experts is particularly expensive and challenging.

Unfortunately, with the cost of a breach going over $3.92 million, it doesn’t matter what the size of your organization is; your business can’t afford to get cybersecurity wrong.

This is even more pressing for SMBs where estimates have found that 60% of the SMBs are forced to shut down following a cyberattack.

We are pretty sure you don’t want to take a chance and just hope to not be in that 60%!

This and its inability to let people choose what security services they want for their organization, precisely tailored for their business needs, call for a better and more democratic way to cyber security.

The cyber industry approach needs a change

Per a report by IDC current global cybersecurity sales are estimated at more than $40 billion, which is growing at 8% annually. However, despite its size, the market remains underserved by cybersecurity players.

cybersecurity spending by solution type for smbs
Remotely managed security and cloud security are the topmost concerns for SMBs

A new strategy is required to adequately address the need of the SMBs with more efficient direct remote-selling approaches to capture growth in the managed security segment.

Small and medium-size businesses would be best served with an integrated and simpler security suite or better yet “security in a box” on the cloud.

Core to this concept is the need for a holistic, MDR (Managed Detection and Response) approach to fully analyze all the threat vectors such as endpoints, networks, and cloud.

This “security-in-a-box” could also help secure firewalls with phishing preventative measures and mobile security capabilities.

The whole point is to reduce the complexity of implementation, deployment, and maintenance with components deployed on the cloud.

Cloud has made it possible

Cloud has opened up a whole new spectrum to a more open and democratic way to access services. There are cloud services already in place for the software in the form of SaaS (Software as a service), however, democratizing cybersecurity has been long overdue.

It’s time we use the cloud to democratize cybersecurity and make it more accessible and affordable for each business out there.

This is where CSaaS aka Cybersecurity as a Service comes into the picture. It’s a game-changer with the freedom and flexibility that it brings along.

Imagine having all the cybersecurity tools at your disposal and you can choose what you want to use, how long you want to use, without being worried about dedicated in-house skilled manpower to take care of integration and orchestration. This is the superpower CSaaS holds; automating and democratizing cybersecurity. We call this CYBERCRACY!

With the pay-as-you-go model, you get the power to upgrade/downgrade the cybersecurity level without worrying about high setup costs and overhead to maintain your own IT department.

This gives SMBs the ability to access higher levels of security that they wouldn’t otherwise have outside the cloud environment.

CSaaS can help improve the following top 5 areas:

  1. Integration of various tools

Buying all the security tools is like buying vegetables from the market. If you can’t make use of all the ingredients and use them in the proper ratio to cook nice food, it’s of no use buying them in the first place.

Likewise, integrating security tools is essential to implement effective cybersecurity.

  1. Solving orchestration problem

You can’t manage everything manually. In fact, you must not. It’s inefficient. Automating configuration and management of the services take away the pain.

Security task orchestration ensures that low-level tasks are automated, including the orchestration between complex, distributed ecosystems, and services.

This ensures a more nimble and responsive environment in the event of a successful cyberattack. Cloud-based management of endpoints helps with deep visibility via remediation maps.

This puts CISOs in an elevated position to better coordinate response efforts and track the impact in the event of an incident.

  1. Improving business uptime

Having automated security services has its perks. It ensures that your business’s online presence is safeguarded 24/7 by AI.

  1. Fits any size business; any size budget

Cloud welcomes businesses of any size to afford and implement cybersecurity efficiently and effectively.

  1. Monthly/Annual subscription service with an option to cancel anytime

SMBs have budget constraints and they are always looking for a tradeoff between budget and security.

CSaaS with its subscription model gives you the freedom to handpick services that your business needs and only pay for what you use. You can always cancel your subscription anytime.

Cyvatar’s modern cybersecurity approach takes care of these top areas of concern. And your organization’s cybersecurity is as seamless as possible.

monthly subscription-based cybersecurity
Cyvatar’s monthly subscription-based model for all your cybersecurity needs

But how do you choose what services your organization needs?

To ensure your investment aligns with the business goals, and the desired outcome, you need to ask the following questions:

  • What critical business processes drive customer engagement, business innovation, and profitability? What elements of security are hindering their success?
  • How do we overcome the roadblocks and what is the most optimal path to achieving success?
  • How do customers & employees change the way they work and interact with our business. And how do we support them while managing security and risk?
  • What external support might we need to enhance our security insights and the time for remediation?
  • How do we create and gain value by enhancing security posture and risk mitigation?
  • How do we prepare for malware and ransomware and how do we bring more security awareness among our employees?

By asking the right questions and ensuring cyber security investment in the context of business-focused impacts, businesses can craft better security transformation roadmaps and eventually deliver better business continuity, resiliency, and growth.

And Cyvatar’s laser-focused customization for your business needs helps achieve that.

How does Cyvatar democratize your cybersecurity?

The very existence of Cyvatar was built on this idea of making cybersecurity affordable and attainable to the last organization. We built Cyvatar out of sheer frustration of seeing SMBs not being able to efficiently secure their organization and the data.

icarm methodology
Cyvatar’s ICARM Methodology

We brought the ICARM methodology; wherein you decide what services you want, how long you want; with a monthly subscription-based transparent pricing model.

Cyvatar’s managed security services make cybersecurity seamless by taking away most of the manual overhead, and our fully managed Cybersecurity Foundations, Cybersecurity Prevention, and Cyber Prevention & Cloud members benefit from an exclusive cybersecurity service guarantee that pays up to $100,000 of breach-related costs with Cyvatar’s Cysurance.

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