Meet CyvatarPro: Leveling the cybersecurity playing field for SMBs

cyvatarpro for small and medium businesses

Meet CyvatarPro: Leveling the cybersecurity playing field for SMBs

  Cyvatar | 06/07/2022

While working with startups and SMBs, and being a startup ourselves, we kept having the same conversations over and over again when it came to cybersecurity for small to mid-market businesses: “I don’t know where to start”, “it’s too expensive”, “we don’t have the bandwidth”, and “we have no one to manage it.”

And being an experience-first organization, we asked ourselves: “how can we make the cybersecurity experience easier, more approachable, and less daunting for SMBs?” 

That’s when we set out to build a platform that secures the cybersecurity underdogs (SMBs), like a pro. 

Today we’re excited to introduce you to CyvatarPro, a more robust and extensive cybersecurity platform experience for paid members. 

With this growth of our platform, SMBs can now access and achieve cybersecurity visibility, metrics, and management like an enterprise organization would.

Whether you are an SMB needing foundational cybersecurity to grow, want to build trust with prospective customers, or need to meet security requirements to fast-track SOC2 compliance, CyvatarPro can get you there.

This blog will outline everything you can do with CyvatarPro and its newest functionalities. 

Interested in taking it for a spin?

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What is CyvatarPro?

CyvatarPro is a tier of the Cyvatar Platform for paying members, offering exclusive features and functionalities that unifies and brings visibility into Cyvatar’s managed security initiatives. 

Instead of managing multiple vendors, looking at stale reports, and working off a spreadsheet, CyvatarPro brings the entire security process, including remediation and maintenance efforts, to the forefront of your business in a unified platform.

Easily show evidence for your cybersecurity insurance policy or compliance requirements, download and implement security policies, and stay proactive on the security hygiene status for your cloud apps and environments, e-mail, and organizational devices. 

CyvatarPro gives you automated visibility into every stage and milestone of your security journey, without you taking on the heavy lifting internally.

How Will It Help My Small Business?

CyvatarPro is a single source of truth for your organization’s cybersecurity. 

  • Have a customer requested more details on your security posture?
    It’s all located within CyvatarPro.
  • Need to demonstrate security ROI to the board?
    Find dollars saved and time saved with Cyvatar in CyvatarPro.
  • Can’t afford the risk of a breach and data loss?
    CyvatarPro automated solution statuses work around the clock.
  • Need to lock down and manage devices?
    Track, manage, and inventory them all in CyvatarPro.
  • Tired of lagging compliance timelines?
    CyvatarPro can help fast-track and streamline your compliance timeline with all your solution data ingested into one place.

NEW Functionalities & Purpose

  • Smart ROI
    Demonstrate measurable cybersecurity value to key stakeholders in your organization by tracking this automated ROI calculation, displaying both time and money saved from Cyvatar’s CSaaS.
smart roi feature for smbs by cyvatarpro
  • Be Proactive with Risk Manager!
    Stay ahead of vulnerabilities, manage remediation processes, and measure risk all within the Risk Manager.
  • Work Smarter with Task Manager!
    Organize, prioritize, and stay productive with your security to-dos within the new Task Manager (previously GRC Tasks).
work smart with task manager
  • Know Your Solution Statuses
    Never guess if your solution is installed, configured, and working properly. Solution Status allows you to monitor the health of your security technologies with green and amber signals. Should your system ever turn red, our team of Cydekicks is automatically alerted.

Top 5 Security Issues

Easily hone in and prioritize your organization’s Top 5 Issues – allowing you to focus on the most pressing issues in your environment.

top 5 cybersecurity issues to monitor
  1. Visibility into ICARM (Installation, Configuration, Assessment, Remediation, Maintenance)
    Transparency into your security operations just got easier. Track Cyvatar’s entire ICARM methodology for your organization all within the platform.
  1. Device Management
    Inventory and manage all of your organization’s devices within the platform, including, deployment percentages, device criticality, and installation trends.
device management by CyvatarPro
  1. Customizable Date Ranges in Executive Dashboard
    Members can now customize date ranges that allow them to see their status for any period of their Cyvatar membership.
  1. Modified Issues Management
    Manage, track, assign, and prioritize issues by criticality, current status, and criticality trends.
issues management by cyvatarpro
  1. Access New Apps with App Launcher
    Maturing your cybersecurity tech stack just got easier with App Launcher. Access and launch from our suite of security apps
app launcher
  1. Easy to Use and Navigate
    We don’t know about you, but no one likes a platform with a clunky and confusing UI. CyvatarPro has a friendly interface that’s easy to use and even color codes certain solutions and features. We hope we never have to use a tool that’s stuck in 1995 ever again.

Not a Cyvatar member yet? Reach out here to meet our team to see how you can get secure like a pro, without having to be one. 

Let CyvatarPro set you apart from your competitors so your business can continue to be a pro at what you do best!

Get in touch with our security experts today.

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