Cyvatar partners with Peachscore | Effortless cybersecurity for startups meets FICO-score for startups

Cyvatar Peachscore partnership

Cyvatar partners with Peachscore | Effortless cybersecurity for startups meets FICO-score for startups

  Cyvatar | 05/18/2022

Cyvatar is always on the lookout to add value to early-stage startups and SMBs through cybersecurity. We believe that cybersecurity should be accessible, affordable, and scalable.

We are always searching for like-minded companies to partner with that align with our mission of driving business growth and outcomes with security. That’s why when we met the team at Peachscore, a platform that allows early-stage startups to launch, plan, and grow their business, we knew we had the chance to better serve the startup community together!

Cyvatar is pleased to announce the expansion of its cybersecurity offerings through a partnership with Peachscore, and we firmly believe that there is a much better way to serve both the industry and early-stage businesses.

It’s clear that the current engagement and evaluation process in the private sector at scale is broken and highly inefficient. Hence, Peachscore’s view is that all early-stage businesses deserve to be constantly measured like other measurement systems established for consumers, SMBs, and public companies. 

The Peachscore model is the new and vital way that all innovators globally can truly plan, launch, manage, and grow their businesses to find their tribes faster. On the other hand, those who want to support these early-stage businesses can process more opportunities in a fraction of the time and shift into a proactive approach.

Cyvatar’s unified security platform and fully managed solutions automate the realization of business outcomes by combining risk mediation, compliance, and ongoing monitoring and maintenance. This is quite complementary to Peachscore’s approach to assisting and assessing early-stage businesses to achieve better business outcomes via its qualitative and quantitative analysis to standardize information delivery.

Cyvatar’s cybersecurity-as-a-service (CSaaS) model helps startups with unprecedented power to customize their security program, based on their organization’s needs and budget. With Peachscore’s mission to help founders build successful and safe companies, Cyvatar becomes a natural ally.

Cyvatar helps early-stage startups in the following two ways:

  1. Minimizing the need to buy expensive cybersecurity tools and services that startups never need. Cyvatar’s advantage: Only buy what your business needs in a flexible subscription format.

    With the pay-as-you-go model, you get the power to upgrade or downgrade your cybersecurity program without worrying about high setup costs and overhead. And the cherry on top? You can cancel anytime.
  2. All-inclusive cybersecurity-as-a-service that’s 24/7 is more cost effective and drives faster time-to-value than hiring one FTE.

All early-stage businesses on the Peachscore platform can now obtain an exclusive offer to access Cyvatar’s CSaaS solution via Peachscore Plus. Here are the steps to gain access to this amazing offer:

  1. Signup as an early-stage business on
  2. Complete your profile and obtain a score of 500+
  3. Access Peachscore Plus
  4. Redeem the Cyvatar offer

The top 5 benefits of Cyvatar’s CSaaS solution are:

  1. Full installation, configuration, remediation, and maintenance of your security solutions 
  2. Solves cybersecurity talent costs and constraints
  3. Ensure operational uptime 
  4. Fits any size company and any size budget
  5. Monthly subscriptions are flexible with the option to cancel anytime

Due to the scalability of the cloud and the use of cutting-edge technology, we can guarantee remediation that keeps improving the security of startups.

This is a complete security strategy by Cyvatar, that proactively prevents organizations from ever-emerging new cybersecurity threats while keeping them compliant.

Our partnership is going to boost the security posture of Peachscore’s already thriving ecosystem of early-stage companies. At a special discounted rate, Peachscore’s platform gives startups of any size and budget access to the same level of cybersecurity that was once only available to organizations with a lot of money.

Sign up for effortless cybersecurity at Peachscore and take advantage of special discounts as a privileged Peachscore customer.

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