Case Study | Cyvatar Drives Worry-Free Cybersecurity and Compliance for Americor

Case Study | Cyvatar Drives Worry-Free Cybersecurity and Compliance for Americor

  Cyvatar | 02/23/2022

Americor Cybersecurity Needs

As a next-generation debt relief company with an advanced, proprietary platform and services, Americor provides debt solutions that help thousands of individuals and families resolve debt problems and avoid burdensome measures such as debt consolidation and bankruptcy. Americor serves as a trusted ally to its thousands of customers in more than 30 U.S. states. In the course of working on their customers’ behalf, it holds some of their most sensitive information. Americor helps consumers that are in debt and don’t know what to do. The Company helps settle debt on their behalf and offers products to consolidate that debt. Americor has grown to become one of the top three such financial services providers in the U.S., and is proud of helping its customers rebuild their credit and progress on the path to success and financial stability.

Because the wellbeing of its customers is paramount, Americor is centered around trust. Its consumers are well aware that they’re providing their most sensitive information to the Company. Sustaining their customers’ trust is crucial to all that Americor does, and the Company takes security seriously.

Americor’s search for the optimal cybersecurity services provider was extensive and intense, motivated by the ongoing drive to protect their customers’ data, and the general uptick and growing sophistication of attacks over the last 18 months. Americor’s senior management was also aware that the company’s growth and scale would soon necessitate far more extensive and advanced capabilities, and that a best-in-class provider committed to continuous innovation in threat detection and response was imperative.

Read the full case study to learn how Cyvatar quickly became a trusted security advisor and enhanced Americor’s security strategy to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the technology industry.

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