Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

Your trusted advisor for driving cybersecurity strategy and business goals.

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) or CySO
Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) or CySO

You know your business needs a better cybersecurity direction, but you’re not financially or logistically ready to hire your own Chief Information Security Officer.

Where can you turn? To an experienced virtual CISO.

A Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) handles all the responsibilities of an internal CISO, working with your executive team and internal functions and leading them toward a continuously secure state.

Your vCISO helps build trust with your customers and shareholders with questionnaire responses, external representation, and robust presentations, builds a security plan quickly and cost effectively, provides guidance for compliance standards, and much more.

vCISO Responsibilities & Value

Organizational Security Strategy & RoadmapBuilding your security strategy customized to your business profile with measurable outcomes and value.
Budget and ResourcingConstructing a realistic, scalable and custom cybersecurity budget that’s aligned to your business.
Strategic Advice & GuidanceYour trusted advisor, for all things security; from strategy to operational success.
Executive Overview of Operational ServiceDelivering demonstrable executive level insights about your Cyvatar journey to give you and your company stakeholders cybersecurity confidence.
Streamlining Security Questionnaires & Building TrustArming your business development team with a cybersecurity confidence summary, enabling faster sales cycles and completion of security questionnaires.
Policy and Process DevelopmentYour very own customized policies and processes to streamline operations. Cyvatar’s freemium plan includes three free policies!
Security Awareness & Training PlanGuidance on security awareness training and partners for your employees.

What’s the difference between a security consultant and a vCISO?

Consultants create a cybersecurity to do list; virtual CISOs oversee your entire
security program to ensure proper implementation and continuous business value.

Are you ready for a cost effective solution for leading your security team?

Are you effectively utilizing a CISO?

A Chief Information Security Officer will cost your organization an average of about $220,000 per year in salary alone.*

Whether your organization isn’t ready to take on this financial commitment or you simply need someone to help scale your security infrastructure quickly, Cyvatar’s virtual CISO solution (vCISOaaS) is your answer!

You Need a Digitized Solution for a Digital Age

The Old Age

Hiring a senior security officer has been historically expensive for businesses, but you still need a reliable CISO you can count on. For this reason, it ends up falling on the CTO or the person in your company with the sharpest technical skills.

Unfortunately, junior security specialists are focused on specific projects and have a narrow focus; while a Chief Information Security Officer has a clear view of your overall cybersecurity needs.

Do you need a CISO but don’t know where to turn? ›

The Digital Age

Virtual CISOs are a great way for SMBs to reap the benefits of having an in-house CISO without the stress of adding another full-time employee.

Backed by tried and true methodology and clear outcomes, our vCISOs work as part of your team to build a security structure that creates success for the entire business.

Learn how Cyvatar partners with you with a trusted and experienced virtual CISO ›

Your CISO Problem

You know you need an experienced CISO to manage your cybersecurity efforts, but you can’t afford one or don’t know who to trust.

Typically, companies lean on CTOs, CFOs, General Counsel, or anyone concerned about the organization’s risk, to manage cybersecurity. You might have junior security employees, but they don’t have the time or experience to implement a strategic top-level security roadmap.

You’re stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to adding a CISO to your team.

Your Cyvatar Solution

Partnering with experienced and professional CISOs who can seamlessly integrate with your team will solve your missing CISO problem.

No longer will you need to worry about meeting compliance standards, having full cybersecurity focus, or keeping your key stakeholders happy. 

You’ll have peace of mind by working with Cyvatar’s experienced virtual CISOs, knowing they are focused on your strategy and business goals. That’s exactly what you’ll get with Cyvatar’s vCISO Subscription. 

Your Cyvatar Solution
People. Process. Technology.

People. Process. Technology.

When you work with Cyvatar, you get cybersecurity-as-a-service with more robust people, process, and technology than you get anywhere else.

That means not only best-of-breed technology, but the best people to put it in place and the right process to keep your cybersecurity solution running smoothly.

Cyvatar encompasses people, process, and technology in one incredible package.

Cyvatar’s ICARM Methodology

  1. Installation
    The solution is implemented and installed.
  2. Configuration
    The technology is configured properly.
  3. Assessment
    An assessment is performed to identify risks.
  4. Remediation
    Remediation of the risks that were identified is performed.
  5. Maintenance
    Continuous maintenance and monitoring with monthly exclusive reporting. Repeat.
Continuous Cybersecurity

How Does Your vCISO Program Measure Up?

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