A Social Engineering Assessment identifies risks and vulnerabilities posed by susceptible employees within an organization. It is intended to help organizations understand the real-world threats their business faces from the view of an attacker. Social engineers attempt to gain access to protected information by exploiting unsuspecting staff members.

How Cyvatar Secures You

A Social Engineering Assessment subscription includes:

An assessment plan is developed in conjunction with your security staff to meet the specific needs and culture of your company.

Cyvatar will conduct an assessment to determine the security awareness of employees to identify potential risks. We will attempt to gain access to sensitive areas of the organization’s infrastructure through email and phone interactions.

Cyvatar will review the risks identified and work closely with your staff to remediate the prioritized list.

Through weekly status meetings, we’ll keep you to maintain the remediated status. Monthly report cards will demonstrate the current security status.

A Social Engineering Assessment Gives You

Identifies how much employees adhere to company policies

Identifies risks that leverage people and process

Prepares against phishing exploits

Helps manage security risk

Applicable CIS Controls

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