An External Penetration Test allows you to assess the effectiveness of externally facing assets against an attacker. During the assessment, the assessor attempts to gain entry into the internal network by leveraging vulnerabilities discovered on the external assets. Alternatively, the tester may attempt to gain access to privileged data through externally facing assets such as email, websites, and file shares.

How Cyvatar Secures You

An External Penetration Test subscription includes:

Cyvatar will complete an external penetration test by simulating an attack originating from within your network perimeter defenses on an annual, bi-annual or quarterly basis.

A comprehensive report detailing any computers or devices found, vulnerabilities and risk priority as well as a recommendation for remediation will be discussed with your team.

Choose annual, bi-annual, or quarterly testing options.

An External Penetration Test Gives You

Harden systems and network against host compromise

Audit external monitoring procedures

Detect vulnerabilities and risks

Avoid client-side cyber attacks

Applicable CIS Controls

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