At Cyvatar, we take a different approach to training. Our security awareness training is linked to your compliance goals and tracked automatically. This allows you to get the best of both worlds; security awareness training and compliance that is tracked by user.

How Cyvatar Secures You

Cyvatar University includes:

Our incident response table top exercise training is tied into our Incident Response Management offering (IRM). It allows for training and testing of incident response programs in connection with outside counsel. At Cyvatar, we do not let incident response happen without proper attorney client privilege and breach coaching.

Our vCISO training is like no other. We train CISOs on how to use a business and outcome-based approach. Many vCISO are just great resources that don’t have a methodology or clear outcomes. We teach vCISOs how to tie into the whole package into one solution.

The Ostendio training module within our Compliance & Policy Management (CPM) solution is a full Learning Management System allowing for the creation, distribution, and assessment of training. Training can be sourced from the document module, uploaded directly or linked to a third party Learning Management System. Training can be one-time or recurring and can be scheduled as required. Training can be automatically assigned to new employees, or set to renew with a set time period. The Ostendio training module can also be used to track certifications from third-party training authorities.

Cyvatar University Gives You

Reduced errors and increased compliance

Develops a security-focused culture

Prevents downtime

Institutes proactive practices

Applicable CIS Controls

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Incident Response Management

Compliance & Policy Management

Virtual CISO

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