Calling All the Movers & Shakers.

The (Cyde)Hustle is Real.

Earn 20% commissions from Cyvatar CSaaS sales. Secure More Companies. Make a Difference.

Calling All the Movers & Shakers.
In a Nutshell

CydeHustle in a Nutshell

Cyvatar is on a mission to evolve and democratize cybersecurity by offering world-class cybersecurity-as-a-service (CSaaS). We’re making the traditional, untraditional, and want to work with like-minded people who believe in pushing the limits with disruptive tech.

And that’s how our CydeHustle program was born. We’re growing fast and need the world’s best and brightest to help us scale. Our CydeHustle program is a flexible partnership that allows individuals passionate about cybersecurity and Cyvatar to educate and sell our CSaaS solutions to new members, as a side gig!

The best part is — we keep your information completely confidential. You can share as little or as much as you want publicly about being a CydeHustle. We will always keep your affiliation with us private.

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Is the CydeHustle For You?

Take a look at your network and think about how many times you’ve heard a business leader become frustrated about how they’ve gotten hacked, don’t have time or resources for proper security, or worse — don’t have it at all. We’re on a mission to eliminate the narrative of cybersecurity that doesn’t provide business outcomes. 

Earn extra cash by leveraging Cyvatar’s reputation for renowned CSaaS to help businesses get guaranteed outcomes. We’re not just driving cybersecurity success — we’re making a difference.

Are you all in? Let’s hustle!

The Hustle is Real

Your Guide to the CydeHustle

Come On Board

It’s free to get started. Access marketing materials, sales enablement resources, the Cyvatar platform and more!

Grow Your Own Business

Spread the Cyvatar love. Make a difference and help businesses transform their security programs and strategy with CSaaS, while growing your own side business

Start Earning

Close deals and get paid on a continuous basis. Compensation starts at 20% of the net of the gross sale and 5% on renewals!

CydeHustle FAQ

What is a CydeHustle?

A side-gig created by Cyvatar that offers a generous compensation plan for those that introduce or refer prospective customers that ultimately purchase a solution from Cyvatar.

Why should you be a Cyvatar CydeHustle?

Take a look at your network. How many are small business founders, owners, CEOs, CIOs, VPs of security or IT, or a director of security for their organization? How many of those people need cybersecurity that drives business success and growth? You already have the keys to success. It’s time to tap into your potential.

What Types of Businesses Need Cyvatar?

Every startup, small to midsize business, commercial company, and even small to medium enterprises. Essentially, any company looking to strengthen its cybersecurity program and get business value. There truly isn’t a layer within cybersecurity where Cyvatar is unable to provide strategy and solutions.


What are you waiting for?! Let’s hustle!

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Earn 20% commissions from Cyvatar’s CSaaS sales and 5% on subsequent years of renewal!

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