A New Way of Thinking

Modern times call for modern solutions.

Shift From Products and Services to Solutions That Deliver Outcomes

Cyvatar understands that our customer's expectations are changing. You want the latest technologies available at your fingertips at all times with the freedom to use them anytime, anywhere. You want choices in how you pay, flexibility to grow as needs change, and the ability to tailor them to your specific needs. And most of all - you demand value and outcomes from the things you buy.

The Modern Security Lifecycle

Choosing a cybersecurity solution is more than choosing and buying a product - and never hearing from your rep until your renewal. Did it get installed and configured correctly, is your team getting more than just alerts, AND is it solving any of your security challenges? We know your needs change over time - and our comprehensive solutions address this.

Cyvatar will begin a new engagement with a CIS Controls Gap Assessment to evaluate your current risk, identify areas that need improvement, and work with your team to develop a roadmap to reduce risk. Once we've agreed upon the next steps, Cyvatar is there to manage the chosen solution from beginning to end -- with no additional resources required from you. We'll remediate the risks and ensure you receive a measurable outcome from your chosen solution. We're here to meet YOUR needs, not ours.

A Cyvatar solution subscription includes what we term "ICARM" - Install, Configure, Assess, Remediate, and Maintain.

Step 1.

Install and configure the solution into the environment and ensure it is working properly.

Step 2.

Assessment to identify risks and vulnerabilities.

Step 3.

Remediation of the risks identified during the assessment.

Step 4.

Maintenance of the environment with continuous monitoring and assessments with monthly executive reporting.

Technology Partners

You choose the solution subscription. We work with you and our technology partners to give your organization a managed business outcome.

We're constantly adding to the list, so if you have other tools we should consider let's talk.

We Set You Up For Success

We're here to eliminate the noise, alerts, and vulnerability reports that don't give business outcomes.
A Cyvatar subscription gives you:

Vetting the Right Solution


Install & Configure

Staff Training

Managing New Alerts

Maintenance, Patching & Upgrades

License Management

Demonstrating Value to the Board

Vetting the Right Solution

Monthly Executive Level Reporting

The Latest Technology Innovations

Collaboration with Your Security Team

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