eBook8 Epic Cybersecurity Fails

The book walks through eight cybersecurity fails in detail and offers actionable guidance to help you achieve measurable time to value every step of the way.

It wraps with a six-point checklist and a plan to help you move forward with a successful cyber strategy, regardless of where you are in your security journey.

You will learn:

  • Security FUD interferes with smart decision-making
  • The security industry profits from its own failure and you don’t get any safer 
  • How to hold your MSSP/VAR accountable 
  • Successful cybersecurity is built on people, process, and technology 
  • POCs and Pen Tests still leave you vulnerable 
  • Failing to get value from your cybersecurity solutions is the biggest fail of all

Learn how to turn your failures into success.

Here’s the TL;DR(too long; didn’t read)

  • The Security Industry Lies 
  • The Battle of Security vs. Compliance
  • Misaligned Resources
  • Product and Services Companies Really Don’t Care About You
  • Managed Services Providers Leave You Holding the Bag
  • Security Products Become Shelfware
  • Pen Tests and Long POCs Get You Breached
  • You Don’t Believe Value is Possible

8 Epic Cybersecurity Fails

We believe in the power of transformational change to create unprecedented business value. This book will help you achieve it.

– Corey & Craig

This book in a nutshell

The cybersecurity industry was founded to prevent people and organizations from getting breached, but in the three decades since the first reported computer virus the hacks haven’t stopped. If anything, they’ve grown more visible and virulent.

Three major security concerns–cyber attacks, data fraud, and information theft–made the World Economic Forum’s top 10 list of long-term risks in 2020.

All three were considered either most likely to occur, most impactful should they occur, or most concerning for doing business globally.

Under such circumstances, it’s hardly surprising that eight and a half billion people were affected by cyber attacks last year–more than the number of people currently walking around on the planet–which means some percentage of the population was hit more than once.

Clearly, the industry has failed to keep pace with the adaptability of today’s cyber criminals, causing us to purchase time and again the latest security tools in an attempt to keep our sensitive and confidential information safe.

But the hacks keep coming.

Could it be that the security industry is, in fact, NOT designed to stop breaches?

Our goal in writing this book is to help you cut through the marketing noise and bring rationality and accountability into your buy process to make your organization more secure.

We’re here to show you that you don’t have to fall victim to the industry’s vicious cycle of selling you products that are more or less designed to fail: You can meet your business and cybersecurity requirements without sacrificing one for the other.

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8 Epic Cybersecurity Fails

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