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State of Emergency:
Cybersecurity in Healthcare

2020 was a year for healthcare breaches like no other. Phishing attacks, ransomware, and business email compromise (BEC) all had an outsize effect on healthcare organizations (HCOs), in part as a result of factors stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.

HCOs often struggle with competing priorities that affect patient safety, profitability, standard and efficacy care, and more, Our goal in writing this book is to show that you can meet your business and cybersecurity requirements without sacrificing one for the other.

This book walks through several well-known cybersecurity challenges in the healthcare industry and offers guidance to help you achieve measurable time to value every step of the way. It wraps with a six-point checklist and plans to help you move forward with a successful cyber strategy, regardless of where you are in your security journey.

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Chapter Outline & What You Will Learn:

In this informative eBook, you will learn:

  • Healthcare organizations are more susceptible to cyber attacks thank most
  • Lies, damn Lies, and statistics of healthcare security
  • Data for ransom – Ransomware isn’t going away, learn what you can do today
  • Is your front office leaving a back door open?
  • HIPPA and HITECH and HITRUST, oh my!
  • MSPs leave you holding the cybersecurity bag
  • Pen Tests and long proof of concepts still get you breached
  • How you can get cybersecurity confident today

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