What is the NIST cybersecurity framework (CSF)?

Short answer (TL;DR) NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) cybersecurity framework is a set of guidelines for private companies (and mandatory for government organizations) to […]

How to Handle a Ransomware Attack (Plus: 5 Steps to Recover From Ransomware and Prevent It)

You’ve done everything you can to avoid a ransomware attack, but you’ve still fallen victim to one.  Whether a new employee clicked a link without thinking […]

7 Benefits of IT Asset Management (ITAM) You Didn’t Know About

Imagine trying to secure your home, but you had no idea how many doors or entry ways you have. Or perhaps you’re trying to insure your […]

5 Cybersecurity Rules Your Business Isn’t Following (& How to Fix Them)

With a whopping 60% of small businesses running without cybersecurity policies (according to a survey by the Cyber Readiness Institute), it’s no surprise that many businesses […]

Can Cybersecurity Be Automated? (3 Things Automated Cybersecurity Can Do & 1 Thing It Can’t)

In many industries, automated services have historically felt cookie cutter and uncustomized. You might even wonder: can AI really do as good of a job as […]

9 Nobrainer Steps to Prevent Ransomware for Your Company

Though ransomware doesn’t get nearly as much attention as the more general malware, after you learned what ransomware is, you’re probably starting to see how much […]

What is Ransomware, How Does It Affect Your Business & How Can You Prevent It?

Picture this: you’re working at your desk, just like any other normal weekday. Your notification bell dings and suddenly there’s an email in your inbox that, […]

Stop Worrying about the Cost of Ransomware with Cyvatar

Expanded Service Guarantee Protects Cyvatar Members from Expenses Associated with Ransomware, BEC, and More IRVINE, Calif. –  September 13, 2021 – Cyvatar today announced that it […]

Cyvatar’s Stephanie Simpson Named a Finalist for the Top 10 Women in Cybersecurity at the 2021 Black Unicorn Awards

Company Vice President of Platform Management Selected from Women around the World for Exceptional Leadership and Innovation in Cybersecurity IRVINE, Calif. –  August 17, 2021 – […]
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